About us

We are the chefs that are out on a quest to find the ultimate gamer food. Healthy,
nutricious, artisanal, tasty and sexy… sometimes quick to eat, for those that only have
time during a respawn, or edible with a maximum of one hand in order not to interrupt the
game flow. Always looking at redefining the concept of what a proper meal for full-time,
professional gamers must be. Healthy portion sizes to avoid being over eaten and not
concentrated. A healthy balance between fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

Also snacks, which can be any food eaten in smaller quantities between full meals.
Generally speaking, snacking or grazing is not the recommended technique for consuming
your daily nutrients. However, it is not always easy to commit to three full meals without
the occasional snack – especially while gaming and / or streaming.

We are looking for the ultimate in grease free fingers performance snacks for non
interrupted keyboard / controller control.